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Wells Fargo Home Loan Modification Programs

The Wells Fargo loan modification program decides on borrowers based on their current budget. In order to be considered for their loan modification program you will have to set a goal for your target payment.

Your next step in the process and an important one is to complete all forms for the mortgage modification process. Completing all the necessary form will show the lender that you are ready for the new terms and that you have created a budget and it will be enough to repay the loan. A great and simple way to increase your chances of approval is to completely and correctly complete the application for the loan modification.

Remember there are many people in similar situations. Hundreds of people are filling out applications for the Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing or modification and those without errors are much more likely to get approved. Don’t give the lenders any reason to push your application aside, be honest and clear. Give the lender all the information that they asked for the first time so you can save time and you won’t have to worry.

It is always recommended to do some homework if you are applying for a loan refinancing or modification for the first time. There is tons of information about Wells Fargo online, you can find an application guide that can help you complete the forms you will need and anything else regarding Wells Fargo or their loan modification process. The guide will come in handy when completing the application, writing your hardship letter and also calculating your debt. It comes in handy when thinking about loan modification.

Since there are many homeowners that are facing foreclosure, Wells Fargo came up with there loan modification program. The program will help those that have defaulted on their mortgages and help keep them in their homes. Wells Fargo does have a program that would stop foreclosure for a period of one month. In that time the homeowner is able to look for a solution that works for everyone. Many will already be excluded including those already in bankruptcy and those with a second home.

There is a second type of home loan modification from Wells Fargo; it deals with those loans that have an adjustable rate. This type proposes a five year period where the introductory rate would not be considered. There are other criteria that one must meet in order to qualify for their loan modification program, for example the loan must have been taken before or on January 1st 2009. There’s a lot more information online, look up any other information that may be able to help you along with the process.

What’s the Best Attitude Toward a Refinance Home Loan?

What’s the best way of dealing with a refinance home loan application? With an open mind. You must remember that these lending companies need you as their client. Therefore you can actually put this to the best advantage that you can imagine. How? By choosing what’s the best mortgage loan company, they can offer you the most appropriate refinance home loan product that’s appropriate to your needs. Make a list of probable companies and compare each and everyone’s interest rates. Which one offers the lowest? That should be your top choice.

Be wiser when acquiring Refinance Home Loan

It is definitely not advisable to get your refinance home loan to the same company unless it is willing to offer you a much lower interest rate and charge you will lesser fees than the first home loan.

You have to consider the following factors and scenario before signing a contract with a lending company for your refinance home loan:

1. Learn if the set up process of home loan refinancing is easier
2. What the fees and cost to be paid
3. How the current lending company will forward added payments to the refinance home loan
4. The possibility of savings to be earns after all the required fees and costs in relation to the new home loan

Tips to remember and follow when applying for Refinance Home Loan

Do not even consider getting a refinance home loan from your original lending company unless it is willing to offer you low interest rates that is as low as other companies.

While it is good to consider low interest rates, avoid dealing with companies that offer absurdly low rates. There is great possibility that such low rates will balloon into huge ones that you cannot pay for it. Likewise, shun away from variable interest rates that certainly sound enticing for the low rates that are charged during the first part of the home loan.

Never disregard a home loan with low interest rate for one with a higher rate. Check on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the new home loan. Its APR must be much lower than the interest rates of the previous home loan. You must likewise consider closing cost, insurance costs and other fees that are charged upfront.

Tax incentives are usually offered for purposes of debt consolidation; do not fall for it. It is advisable to review thoroughly your tax position and find out if this can be greatly affected. You might not know it, but it is useless to write-off tax for mortgage interest, unless deduction itemization has been done diligently.

If you are contemplating on canceling your home loan, remember that you have only three days to do so. Cancellation offers borrowers the opportunity to get out of the problems brought about by bad loans that simply are disadvantageous to your end. And if indeed, you have changed your mind about getting a home loan, immediately inform your lender, way before the deadline.

Get Pre-Approved For A Bad Credit Home Loan

Right now, could you tell how much you can safely borrow yet still manage to stay out of overwhelming debt? That is basically what you will learn when you go through a pre-approval process for a bad credit home loan. Pre-approval requires that you submit your financial information to a home loan lender before you start shopping for a home. The first thing you should do is get copies of your credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. (You should be able to get free copies from each of the three primary credit rate reporters.) Check for discrepancies and get them fixed.

Pre-Approved Bad Credit Mortgage Shows Much

When you leave the office of the lender, you will know how much you can safely spend, at what interest rate, at what down payment, and under what repayment terms. If you want to get some idea of the amount of money you would be able to spend before you even go to the lenders office, you might want to go online and get one of the free home loan mortgage calculators available. That will help you see what you would have to pay if you got to borrow as much as you want. It will be a sobering exercise.

Processing of Pre-Approval for the Bad Credit Home Loan

To get pre-approved for a bad credit home loan, you will first submit a typical loan application. Therein you will mention your personal and financial goals. You will also present documentation such as a purchase agreement (for your present home, if applicable), tax returns, and household expenses. You will also have to give account for your present poor credit, bring bankruptcy papers (if applicable), and, of course, copies of your credit reports.

Lender Verification for Pre-Approval of the Bad Credit Mortgage

The lender will look over your application and the appended paperwork. The lender will verify the application by checking on your employment information, financial status, credit history, liabilities (debt), and assets (property you own). Once all the verification is finished, you should receive a written documents outlining the amount you can spend, the interest that could be imposed, the down payment required (if any), and the repayment terms (usually the amount due every month for so many years).

Other Pre-Approved Bad Credit Loan Considerations

The financial market is such nowadays that there are mortgage brokers who specialize in pre-approved bad credit home loans. Depending on the lender, there may be a processing fee for the pre-approval. This fee will most probably include administrative costs, closing costs, and appraisals. Closing costs usually include such things and title searches for deeds, legal fees, and document processing.


Plan ahead, the pre-approval process can take from 60-90 days. You may dream of being able to walk into a house and just write a check right then and there for the home you like. A pre-approved loan is almost the same thing. It gives you strong negotiation powers. Also, it takes a lot of the angst out of the home buying itself. Basically all you have to do is the shopping, knowing that everything else is ready to go.